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24/7 Emergency Identification

Today identification is not only a word, it is life!  We carry our identification in our handbags, wallets and on our cellular phones.  Reality is, these items are first to go in the event of an emergency.  Robbery on accident scenes are not new and in some situations, one wallet can’t be linked to 5 people in a vehicle.  We speak for you, when you can’t speak for yourself!  All your personal, medical and next of kin information are linked to your unique code located on your wristband.  We are also a leader in providing information in the event of an injury in the workplace and arranging the necessary Workman’s Compensation Documents to the receiving hospital. 

Diabetes, Epilepsy, Allergies, Previous Medical Emergencies and Hypertension are medical conditions that paramedics needs to know about, these conditions have a huge impact on their patient care and could be the difference between life and death. 

Are you on a medical aid?  Your card and your membership details are your proof, without that, you’ll be transported to a provincial hospital whilst you could have receive private emergency care.  

So, are you willing to wear our emergency bracelet to ensure that all of the above are available 24/7?

24/7 Emergency Service Access

Whether you have a medical or traumatic emergency, robbery or house fire, we will dispatch the necessary services to your emergency.  With the use of the national emergency number on your wristband, you can call us and we will send the appropriate care to the incident.  We can supply medical assistance (by road or air) nationwide in the event of a medical or traumatic emergency.  We have a panel of Service Providers that are ready to assist you, nationwide!


24/7 Funeral Parlor Access

We know that in the event of death, hopelessness is the biggest obstacle of managing the situation at hand.  Should there be death in the family, allow us to take care of the situation and arrange a Service Provider to remove the patient and start with the funeral arrangements.  It is best to always make sure that the right procedures are being followed in the event of death.  We will guide you on the process and activate the necessary resources to the incident.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Has your car broke down?  Have you been involved in an accident?  You should not be stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that can’t drive.  Call us in the event of a broken down vehicle and we will link you to your insurance or to a local Service Provider that will assist you in getting you on the go.  This includes vehicle jumpstart, fuel supply, vehicle tow-in or transport.


24/7 Family Pet Identification

With our unique family pet identification tag and collar, we provide the family peace of mind that your pet will be identifiable when not at home.  This differs from micro-chipping.  Micro-chipping needs to be scanned at selected sites, our durable and easy-visible pet collar/tag makes it possible for you to be notified when your pet has been found.  With this service, we can also connect you to the nearest SAVA Veterinarian Clinic to assist your pet in an emergency.  When your pet goes missing, you can report it at our call center and we will notify local animal shelters together with a social media notification.


24/7 Be Calm Assistance

Have you lost your bankcard?  Did you lock your keys in your car?  Can’t remember your personal information?  Do you need a telephone number or other information?  Keep Calm, we will assist!  With the Be Calm Assistance, we can assist in basically any regard.


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