You can view the different products and services we offer on this page.  Our service is evolving and we strive to offer more as we grow, thus keep posted to this page so that you can stay updated with what we have to offer.

Basic Package

For only R5.00 a month, you can wear our emergency wristband with all your personal, medical and next of kin information linked to your unique identification code.  Not only are you identifiable, but you also have access to our nationwide emergency number on your arm.  This emergency number can be used for your everyday emergencies.  Vehicle Accidents, domestic cases, death in the family, medical or traumatic emergencies, breakdown of your vehicle and robbery.  See the benefits here

Advanced Package (In Process)

We will offer another package for approximately R20.00 a month.  Where you enjoy the same benefits as the Basic Package, but here we cover your pre-hospital ambulance (by road-or-air) transportation costs.  This package will also available as a family package for approximately R50.00 a month for the whole household.

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 Injury-On-Duty Package

We cater for your business needs as well.  Where you pay per employee, we provide the benefits of the Basic Package to your employee and recruit emergency medical services to an injury in the workplace.  This includes the capturing the accident/injury notification on the Compensation Fund’s new electronic system.

Pet-ID Package

For only R30.00 a year, you can buy our animal tag or a tag with its collar to enjoy the benefits of the Pet-ID Package.  With our unique family pet identification tag and collar, we provide the family peace of mind that your pet will be identifiable when not at home.  See the benefits here

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 How does our ID bracelet work?  See this diagram.

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